Lovely Little Lava

Every piece of Drops of Gratitude jewelry incorporates lava stones. There are only ever a few of them but they are the definitely more important then the beautifully colored earth gems and tiny adornments. Lava stones are an incredible piece of earth. Containing elemental powers of fire and earth, lava rocks are rich in minerals from deep in the earth’s core. Born from fire, the molten rises to the surface and becomes a beautiful, porous piece of stone. Fire, one of the most powerful elements, is commonly associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness, and passion, while earth is commonly associated with qualities of practicality, restraint and materialism. Lava is considered a good

Essential Oils + Emotions = LOVE

Essential oils are so magical. I first came upon them right after having our sweet baby girl. At the time my best friend was starting to learn about them and decided to host a class at her house. Honestly, I only went to spend some much needed time with my girlfriends but by the end of the night, I was super curious to learn more. At the time our little one was suffering from thrush in her mouth (a bacterial infection). With my holistic background, I was reluctant to give a 2-month-old medication but it seemed like our last resort. But, before I left the class one of the ladies gave me a sample of tea tree oil. We're not talking about the same essential oils you find in a store, this stuff

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