A Letter of Love

Drops of Gratitude is on a mission to help individuals recognize and appreciate themselves. We rarely take the time to practice self-love which is absurd because it has so many benefits like decreasing anxietey and improving self confidence. 

We are giving you the chance to show yourself some love and appreciate YOU! 

The LOVE YOURSELF CAMPAIGN will run from February 1-28, 2021. Once you have filled out the form the next step is to wait. Drops of Gratitude will mail out the letters (usually works out when it is needed the most) at a totally random date within 3 months. You will not be notified as we want this to be a total surprise to add a feeling of excitement.  

When writing a love letter to yourself there are a few key points to remember…

  1. Begin the letter with a sweet salutation…nickname, pet name or your NEW warrior name.

  2. Recall a memory of which you felt happy, brave, loved etc. Use as much detail of the memory as possible honing in on all five senses. Doing this helps to turn the brain on and begin a state of joy, calm or love.

  3. Transition to words of encouragement and empowerment. Embrace yourself and use compliments that you are yearning to see written down.

  4. Now lean into the love…the good attributes and the bad. Highlight the love you have for yourself and don’t hold back.

  5. End with reassurance that you will not take yourself and/or your feelings for granted again. You will love yourself everyday in some form without being reminded. You’ve waited long enough!