Happy New Year, Friends!

I hope everyone was able to have a magical Holidays with their loved ones. I know for us it was about presence, connection and slowing down.

When I look back at 2017 the one thing that sticks out the most is how it felt. There was definitely a fair share of challenges but the feeling always remained smooth and airy. There was so much love. From our customers, our workshop attendees and all the people we were grateful enough to do business with.

I truly feel that building our company with Gratitude as its back bone emitted a vibe that carries through us with everything that we do. We are so grateful for this past year and so excited to see where 2018 takes us.

This year we will be focusing on a few different things. We will be releasing a new scent, revamping our line up of bracelets and offering a lot more information on the science of gratitude. We are working on a e-book right now that will be released before Spring and our workshops will get some new little upgrades as well!

We are always welcome to suggestions as to how we can better improve. Please shoot us an email if there is anything you would like to see.

Right now if you book a private workshop, you (as the host) will get your spot for free and also receive a gift!

There are a few weekends available now that the market season has slowed down and as always, we are available during the weeknights, too.

If you would like to book or wish to receive more info, let me know and I will send it your way.

ALSO, we rarely do it but there are a handful of bracelets discounted on the website! Like this one!

I hope you all kick off 2018 with some gratitude and love towards what you left behind in 2017 and what you are working towards this year.

If you need some extra motivation, check out our new MOTIVATE bracelet or TRANSCEND (to push past barriers and limits), I know I will be wearing that one ALL YEAR LONG!

Much Love,