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Crystal pendulums are used as a way to seek guidance, tapping into your true feelings that are unknown to you.


Amethyst is known for its ability to purify and cleanse the energy in a space. It is said to promote feelings to relieve stress and encourage happiness and joy.


Steps to use your crystal pendulum.

-Connect with your pendulum. Hold the pendulum fully in your hands, close your eyes and let your energy flow between yourself and the pendulum.

-Hold the pendulum over your hand by the opposite end of the crystal. Ask your pendulum Yes or No questions that you know the answers to. The pendulum will begin to move in specific motions which will decipher the Yes or No.

-Ask your question. Hold the pendulum 6-8 inches over your hand, ask your question out loud and let your inner knowing flow.


Due to the cone being made of natural gemstones, colours may vary from pictured.

Crystal - 1.75 inches

Chain - 7 inches

Crystal Pendulum - AMETHYST

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