Blending high vibe stone energy with a meditative practice to bring you feelings of ease, relaxation and clarity.
Palm stones are used to help calm your mind while harnessing positive energy. Place the stone in the palm of your han, or within your fingers, and gently rub it with your thumb. Deeply focus on the smooth surface. 
Crystals have a natural ability to cleanse the mind of chaotic thoughts. A perfect tool to help alleviate anxiety and stress. 
Rose Quartz - Encourages universal love for yourself and others
Clear Quartz - Protective against negativity, amplifies energy
Black Onyx - Protective against negative energy and promotes self confidence 
Carnelian - Promotes creativity,  stabilizing and calming
Labradorite - SOLD OUT
Moonstone - SOLD OUT
Selenite - SOLD OUT
Agate - Grounding, stabilizing and harmonizing

Palm Stone