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Typical bucket lists are lists that you have not yet done but wish to. They are the things that you want to achieve, do, experience, etc.


A reverse bucket list is the opposite. It’s a list of things that you’ve already accomplished, experienced, felt… they are the things that made you proud, happy and accomplished. These are the things that at one time, may have been on your bucket list.


Spending the time to acknowledge all the amazing things you have experienced in your life not only changes your emotional state, it reminds you of the beauty that has sprinkled throughout your life even amongst the inevitable hardships and pain.  


Take a moment to think about these things and write them down. There is so much to be grateful for and this list proves what amazing things you can achieve. Let it inspire you to continue to embrace opportunities to look for the good and revisit it whenever you need a positive reminder of your beautiful life.


Be sure to keep adding!

Reverse Bucket List

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