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Our popular workshops include making your very own aromatherapy bracelet while learning about the benefits of gemstone energies and the connection between top-quality essential oils and your emotions. 

Laura will also educate you on what she is most passionate about - Gratitude and Intention setting. There is so much science behind what Gratitude can do for you when you incorporate it into your life and you will leave the workshop with clear ways on how to create your own practice.

While you learn, you will make a bracelet specifically for attracting the things you want into your life. Whether they are goals, feelings or experiences you can design a bracelet that will harness all of the energies of what you truly desire. 

Once you’ve finished your bracelet you then choose one of the six amazing essential oil blends. Each one was designed to support a specific emotion.

Together you will infuse your bracelets and before the night closes you will be guided through a short meditation to set your intentions. 


Booking a workshop is easy! Simply email Laura at


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