How To Measure Your Wrist.


To know which size you will need, measure your wrist and add half an inch for comfort.



Small- 6-6.5"

Medium- 7"

Large- 7.5-8" 


Small 7.25-7.5"

Medium 7.75" 

Large 8-8.5"

​How Do I Add Scent?


Simply add a TINY drop of oil to the lava stones. You don't need a full drop as you want to avoid getting essential oil on the stretch cord. 

Your bracelet should hold the scent for 1-3 days before needing to be refreshed again.


Can I Change The Scent?


Absolutely! Oils dissipate quickly and because of this you can usually add different scents as often as you'd like without getting a funky overlap of scent. The dominate essential oil will always take over. However, if you did use a thick or extra strong smelling essential oil, you might need to wash your lava stones. Use a TINY bit of dish soap and warm water and massage your lava beads. Let your bracelet dry before using your new scent.


Other Ways To Care For Your Bracelet.


It is said that gemstones carry energy and are a high-vibrational piece of earth. Because of this, gemstones can absorb the energy around it.

It is recommended that you "cleanse" your stones every so often. You can do this by leaving it outside for a full day/night cycle or even in a window sill. It is also said that burying it in the ground for a day or cleaning it in a river can recharge your stones.

​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Shipping is through Canada Post and takes 1-4 days after your order has been processed. 

US order will take between 4-7 days.


Returns & Refunds


If you're not happy then we are not happy! Please email info@dropsofgratitude.ca if you have any concerns with your jewelry. 


We take great care to insure your jewelry is packed and shipped properly, however, accidents do happen. If your piece arrives damaged, please take a photo and email it to us. 


Breaks do happen. Whether its because of being worn continuously or a little hand yanked at it, we get it. 

We've done our due diligence and feel we use the best crystal stretch cord on the market but we also know that life happens. We guarantee to ALWAYS fix your bracelet for you (no questions asked) as long as you are willing to pay for shipping the stones back to our studio (the cost of a stamp) ,and you have more than 50% of the original beads. If rhodium or gold filled charms or spacers were lost and you wish to have them put back on, there will be a small fee. 

This service is free of charge. We want you to be reaping the benefits of your aromatherapy bracelet! 


PLEASE NOTE: Due to different device screens we cannot guarantee that the colors and images shown are exact. Gemstones and charms may differ from the original image.


Privacy Policy


All pieces of jewelry are created and designed by Laura McKinnon and the Drops of Gratitude team.

Essential Oils and Crystal Healing should not be used as a substitute for any medical or psychological treatment recommended by doctors.