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Empower your kiddo with tools that will teach them to: 
harness strong emotions and control temper
be responsible for their actions
become more mindful of themselves and others



High-quality essential oils are undeniably beneficial for our overall wellness. Essential oils have a natural ability to enhance our mood and stabilize our emotions. Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more powerful than any other sense. The recognition of smell is immediate – this is a primary reason our mood and scent are so strongly connected. Essential oils can have a powerful influence over how you think, feel and behave.




*Have your child put on the bracelet. Spend a couple minutes discussing things that they are grateful for.

*Infuse the bracelet by massaging two tiny drops of essential oil into the black lava stones. Be sure to only use a few drops; you don’t want the oil to absorb through and soak onto the stretch cord.

*Have your child take a few deep breaths – slowly breathing in the essential oil. Remind them that anytime they feel scared, frustrated or shy throughout the day, they can smell their bracelet and be reminded that they are CALM, BRAVE, SMART and LOVED.


Doing this practice each morning will create a sense of empowerment.  It will help ensure that they remember to use their bracelet  throughout the day to help strengthen their gratefulness and assist in understanding and managing their emotional state.

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