Infuse your mala with essential oil. The essential oil can be placed on the lava stones (marker beads/guru bead).

Sit comfortably and relax. Holding the mala in your right hand and starting at the tassel, begin to pull the beads one by one through your pointer and middle finger towards yourself. 

With every breath, breathe in the beautiful aroma. Think of all the things, people and circumstances you are thankful for. Picture this loving energy flow into your necklace. when you've reached back at the tassel you may choose to end your practice or repeat. 

Malas absorb the vibrations of the practice, so the more you use it and wear it, the more positive energy it reflects back to you.

*Mala necklaces are designed similar to a mantra mala with 108 beads. Lava stones are incorporated to infuse with essential oil at the marker points and the guru point. All malas are designed with 6mm and 8mm semi-precious gemstones separated by 2mm clear quartz crystal. The stones are threaded with 100% natural silk. The tassel is 90mm long and is 100% natural silk.. Custom designs are welcomed for an additional $10 design fee and may only utilize stones from our current inventory. For more information and inquiries please email