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How to Use a Crystal Grid

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

When you jump into the world of gemstone energy, sacred geometry, and manifesting, it can be a little intimidating knowing where to start.

There are so many different types of crystals that are all said to harness unique benefits. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be complicated! The amazing thing about this world of high-vibes and intention setting is that YOU get to decide how it all works for you.


Crystal grids are amazing tools to use when you are feeling pulled to call something new into your life. Whether you want to manifest more wealth, love, health, opportunities - the key is simply to declare it. Once you have declared your intention, you are instantly setting things in motion. Adding in a crystal grid to your intention-setting rituals is an incredible way to amplify all your deepest desires.

So, what is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is a specific arrangement (using sacred geometry) of gemstones to amplify energy for a set intention. As a result, the intention becomes more powerful which allows for easier manifestation to happen.

Sacred geometry is based on the principle that all things in the universe follow a predefined shape corresponding to their molecular vibration. These shapes and patterns can be observed in art, music, architecture, and even in the nests, shells, or bones of living things. How cool is that? It is also said that these different shapes harness their own power making them ideal in crystal grid formations!


A few of our favorite shapes that we turned into crystal grids are:

This symbol represents the journey of energy throughout the universe, and of balance within the universe. This is a great symbol to use when wanting to manifest feelings like patience, happiness, and curiosity.

This symbol is the doorway to infinite possibilities. It represents all possible beginnings and paths in life. This pattern can be used for any intention and is especially helpful when working with balance, harmony, truth, protection, creation, and completion.

This special symbol represents the cycle of life. It is believed that within this symbol holds the most meaningful and sacred patterns of our universe. This is a great choice if you are wanting guidance or answers in a certain area of your life.


Use these guided instructions to help you manifest all that you desire.

STEP ONE: Choose 3 types of gemstones/crystals that harness the energy of what you want. If you need help knowing what stones harness the energy you are looking for, read this blog that covers 40 different gemstones and their energetic properties.

In total, you will need 13 stones (1 Focus/Anchor stone, 6 Way stones and 6 Desire stones). Let your intuition guide you. If you are working on an abundance grid and for some reason, you feel drawn to moonstone, trust that and include moonstone in your grid. Alternately, use the stones you have available to you, you don't have to go on a shopping spree to make a powerful and effective crystal grid. Don’t stress over this process, just trust your gut and choose stones that you are feeling drawn to.

Focus/Anchor Stone is the one that collects the universal life force and channels it through the grid. Way Stones surround the Focus Stone and enhance its energy. Desire Stones are the foundation. They gather the energy of the other stones and create strength and power within the grid.


Choose the stone that will be your Focus stone. This is the stone that will sit in the centre of your grid. It can be larger than the rest and any shape or cut you would like (standing points make great Focus stones as the energy omits out the very top making it super powerful!)


Grab 6 Way stones and 6 Desire stones. These can be simple, tumbled stones or any other shape you wish just make sure they are not too big or else you might have trouble fitting everything on your grid.


Choose the geometric shape of your grid. We offer three beautiful wood board crystal GRIDS in Metatron's Cube, Seed of Life, and Flower of Life shapes. Choose which one feels best for you trusting that whatever you choose is the perfect one for you. If you don’t have one, try one of our free downloadable Crystal Grid template PDFs!


You're now ready to build your grid!

writing down your intentions

1. Define your intention. What do you want this crystal grid to do for you? Be specific. Write it down. You can place this piece of paper under your grid, fold it up and place it right in the middle of the grid or keep it close to you - in a bag, wallet, or pocket for example.

crystal grid with stones

2. Pick up 6 stones (make sure they are all the same type) hold them in your hands. Close your eyes. Spend a few minutes thinking of what you want. Imagine as if the desired outcome is already yours. When you are ready, place the crystals in a symmetrical pattern around the largest part of your grid. Symmetry is key so follow the pattern making sure your stones sit in the same place at equal distances apart.

crystal grid with stones

3. Pick up the other 6 stones. Again, close your eyes and think of your intention. When you are ready place these stones in a symmetrical pattern around the centre of the grid. Check out these photos for guidance.

crystal grid with focus stone

4. Lastly, pick up your Focus stone. You are ready to anchor in your intention. Placing the Focus crystal last is symbolic of involution or “returning to center” and calls in a higher power that allows access to infinite possibility. As you place this stone in the centre of the grid, say your intention out loud. Give thanks to your stones for assisting you in your journey. Saying your intention out loud activates your crystal grid.

5. Make time to connect to the energy of your grid regularly. You may want to meditate in front of your grid each day for a few minutes, or just sit in the presence of your grid to fill you up with the energy you’re trying to create in your life. Just be sure to hold space in your life for positive changes in whatever form is for your highest good.

That’s it! Let the magic happen!

Loving the high vibes of the crystal grid? You will adore our gemstone pocket pouches, energy orbs and home energy kits!


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