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Spring into Action.

Happy April!! Eeeek I love Spring. Like LOOOVE it. I find its when I start to light up. Getting through cold winter months can be hard but there is always a beautiful lotus blooming after you get through all the melted, snowy mud.

I find that I spend this time of year reflecting and pondering the things that are working and the things I need to work on. This is a thing though, right? Like Spring cleaning, but for my brain, my habits and ultimately my life. I must say, I do love to clean and organize so this time of year just suites me I guess. This year has been one BIG transition for our family. We started a business and made some drastic career changes and I can honestly say that its only now started to feel a little less scary. Its incredible how much growth can happen when you are immersed in discomfort but it has set us up for some amazing things!

What do you do mentally & physically to Spring clean? Do you even take part in such a thing? I belong to an Achievement Club, its a group of awesome people that talk about goals and root each other on as we go for the gold. Our challenges in March were all about cleaning out the clutter in our lives, all of it- Physical, Mental, Bad Habits etc. It was incredible to see some amazing changes! I have found that even just having the mental awareness that there are things no longer serving us makes change way more welcoming.

Tonight my hubby and I sat down and made some lists about the things we wanted to focus on this month. We talked about money, our relationship and parenting goals, and our personal goals! It was so nice to reflect on the things that are currently working for us but also to make a clear plan about the stuff that needs some attention. We came up with our own top 10 things to do in April. Some of our goals were the same, and some were different.

All of April we will plan our days and make sure we fit our goals in when necessary.

Now that we have a clear plan its time to get lazor focused and make some stuff happen!

Which leads me to...

April also happens to be Drops of Gratitudes one year anniversary! Its been such an AMAZING year and its all thanks to you guys ;) Now that I’ve spent some time reflecting, sorting and planning its time to do something that pulls on my heart strings.

One of my big goals this year is to give back. Drops of Gratitude will be starting The Gratitude Project and raising money for different amazing charities all over Alberta.

We really want to start a movement and make a difference. Please let me know if there are any organizations that need some love and gratitude this year (and money... of course). We will be planning some neat ways that people can take part and contribute!

Stay Tuned!

I hope you all have a incredible transition into this beautiful season. Thank you for being the awesome self that you are. I am so dang grateful.

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