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When a Dream was Born

I've always loved being creative. With a background in Holistic Wellness and a passion for helping people, I was able to design Drops of Gratitude to fill all my passions right to the brim. After completing my courses at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition I dabbled in quite a few different areas of wellness. I was introduced to essential oils when we had out little girl and my husband and I got to witness how medicinally powerful they could be (thats a whole other story). I started teaching classes on wellness and essential oils but my desire for creativity still felt unfulfilled. And in a nutshell, thats how our company was born.

Smell is the quickest way to affect mood, thats not an opinion, its science. Aromatic molecules (especially the ultra tiny ones of essential oils) have direct access to the limbic area (also known as the emotional seat of the brain). Smelling things that you enjoy can instantly change your mood because our sense of smell sets off a chemical reaction in our body. It tells us whether we are safe or in danger and because of this response it also has the ability to release the feel-good hormones too!

Its actually quite easy to change our current emotional state or energy. I think we just need to be present, open and accepting and let our bodies do the rest. Its this science in olfactory response and the medicinal benefits of essential oils that carry my passion and curiosity. I love that our product truly helps people.

It really is incredible when you find your life work. For me it took 30 years of searching. Thankfully I have a wildly patient husband who let me wander around and try anything that hooked my curiosity (which actually meant spending a lot of money trying new things just to drop them weeks later because I got bored). But I never gave up. And even though I consistently worked, I was always waiting for the ‘right moment’ to take a giant leap and go after what I knew in my heart I needed.

Looking back, I now realize that I’ve always had a entrepreneurial mentality and while I lack a lot of business knowledge I am driven by the fact that my purpose is bigger than my problems. I love that I am constantly learning and challenging myself because at the end of the day, I know I have helped someone and that makes my passionate heart full.

One of my favorite aspects of my “job” is hosting workshops. Everyone gets to make their very own aromatherapy bracelet while they learn about energy, gemstones, essential oils and gratitude and enjoys some snacks and wine, too! Its always such a fun evening and leaves me feeling high on life for days. We currently have space in our August 16th and 29th workshops. You can find tickets HERE.

Please do yourself a favor and listen to those little strings tugging on your heart. There is something that this world needs that only you can give them. And even if its something that has already been done, just know that nobody is you and when you add your own heart and soul, you are bound to attract the right people.

Much love,


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