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Changing with the seasons

Whether we want it to or not, seasons change. I am so fortunate to live in Calgary because I get to experience 4

seasons a year. I love them all for different reasons but fall is my favorite. It has a symbolism of shedding the old to make room for the new. Summer is almost over and I can already feel the autumn nip in the air.

My sense of gratitude is even more heightened. Every morning when I walk out onto our back deck and breathe in the cool morning air, I am grateful to be safe, to be dry, to be in my home with my family. I feel blessed that I have a functioning brain and body that allow me to live my dream. I am grateful that all my past experiences (the good and the bad) have led me to this exact moment in my life.

And once again, I am ready to let go and level up.

Fall (for me) means turning a little bit more inward and listening to my body, my dreams and my heart. Having experienced what it feels like to go through significant struggles AND victories I know I am ready (and fully capable) of more amazing growth.

This summer was a tough one, mentally, physically and emotionally but it was also pretty amazing, too. I was walking with my mentor this summer and I told her that if I hadn’t had a daily practice of writing a gratitude list that I would have felt defeated, beat down and it would have been much harder to pick myself back up after having a long, drawn out and painful miscarriage.

Finding the good things in life definitely sets a precedence in your mind. You are so much more likely to keep seeing the good, even in the midst of some struggles.

As they say, out of the mud comes the lotus.

Transitioning into a new season (literally or metaphorically) can be scary, the uncertainty of the future is always one that makes people think twice but from what I’ve learned is that it is always SO WORTH IT. The possibilities of the new is astounding. I feel like for the first time in my life, I am using parts of my brain that has been left dormant. I see new possibilities and experiences so much more easily. I find joy in such simple things and I am more willing to lean into fear because it means I get experience something new and exciting.

The thing about personal transitions is they are your responsibility. You have to decide that being comfortable is playing it safe. You have to be fully willing to feel vulnerable and lean into discomfort. I promise you, its where the growth is. And if you don’t listen to those tiny little tugs on your heart strings the Universe has a pretty funny way of pushing you anyway.

Where do you need to level up in your life? Where do you want to see yourself this time next year? What season is it for you? Is it a growth season? A rest season?

I can imagine that, come winter you will have had some pretty amazing experiences. Don’t forget to write them down in your gratitude journal.

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What season are you ready to embrace?

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