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I spend all day looking at what I am Grateful for...

I spend all day looking at what I am Grateful for...

What does this statement mean to you?

I put this out on social media a couple of weeks ago and the answers were pure bliss. Some people answered with what they were grateful for: “my family, my house, my health, my work, my reflection, my food, my ability to do what I like. Oh man, the list goes on – @josspagefitandchic from Instagram…” and some, explained what the statement meant to them, “I think the statement is actually telling us that the things we are grateful for are right in front of us.” – @lengandela from Instagram.

There were no wrong answers because our interpretations of EVERYTHING in life are our own. There are two things I wanted to address when I posted this.

1. The way we communicate is so different!

Asking someone to explain what a statement means to them is tricky, especially if there is no direction given. What this shows is that we all see the world a little bit differently. That’s such a beautiful thing. We are all so unique and I know with every ounce of my being that we are all here for a reason. If you have ever purchased a product of ours you will have seen “Your mere existence is a blessing in this world”. I truly believe our life’s work is one to be shared. We would all benefit experiencing YOUR true gifts. What these answers also tell me regarding communication is that we receive information differently as well.

The way I show someone gratitude might not be the way someone openly receives it. Keep that in mind when you are wanting to honour someone. What would they view as special? We tend to give the way we want to receive; but, when we are mindful of the receiver’s perception, our gifts, gestures, and acts of kindness are much more powerful.

I would LOVE a handwritten letter over a gift any day. My best friend Tova, would love a sweet gesture like having a lunch brought to her at work or a back massage over gifts. Our amazing graphic designer and another best friend Amanda would prefer a date night based around wellness rather than being taken to a party.

2. “I spend all day looking at what I am grateful for”.

What do you spend all day doing? Does it bring you joy? Do you see the goodness in your life, no matter where you look? Do you take the time to acknowledge what you are grateful for? I think its easy to forget to take a step back everyday and give thanks to everything we are given: the good, the great and even the ugly. Embracing the tough parts of our lives with grace, curiosity and every little bit of love) is a true testament to our ability to see gratitude, no matter where we look.

This statement popped into my head when I was having a really yucky day. I was stressing about something, my schedule was getting flipped around and I had a killer headache. Anxiety started kicking in and then I stopped and reminded myself that it was my perception that was creating this feeling. Then I said out loud, “I will spend the rest of the day looking at what I am grateful for”. Not only did my entire day do a total 360 but I started to think about that statement itself and it spiked a curiosity in me. I needed to find out what this statement meant to other people.

When you see GRATITUDE what does it look like? Is it a person, an object, an expectation (stay away from those!) or is it simply a perception? Doesn’t it feel good knowing that gratitude is something that WE CREATE inside of us? If we give our lives some space to acknowledge the good, we will truly start to understand that we have the privilege of creating this for ourselves. It’s up to us.

So, I ask YOU

What do you spend all day looking at?

So much love,


Some answers from our amazing gratitude tribe! Thank you all for being so real, and just, amazing!

P.S. Julie R from Facebook, You are our lucky Gratitude Bracelet Winner!! 

“To me, it means being very intentional with how you’re spending your time and what energy you’re surrounding yourself with. By identifying what you’re grateful for wand then spending all day looking at it you’ve taken the time to ensure you’re surrounding yourself with what is most important. If you are grateful for your family or friends, ensure they get some of your time each day. If you’re grateful for your work, then spend some time committing to it each day.” – @mirandassll (Instagram)

“To me this means when I look at my wonderful husband, when I am able to counsel individuals as a Social Worker, when I get to spend time with family/loved ones, to appreciate kindness and to recognize that life isn’t perfect but its what you make of it. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.” – gold.and.grace (Instagram)

“Each and every single day I am grateful for my husband and the happiness he brings me! Our home, our health, our friends, our family and our pup! I have so much gratitude!” – @dani.folks (Instagram)

“My first though, I’ve learned this past year to be grateful, truly grateful. For me it was different than being happy with what I had a being content. I learned to be grateful for the struggles in my life because in turn it gave me the strength, wisdom and perseverance to move forward. Also, to look at what was right in front of me, my family, people I’ve met along the way whether good or bad. I can say it has become part of my routine to really day out loud what I’m grateful for, instead of grumbling at everything that was going wrong. My life has changed because of it. – @Mistteekhuu (Instagram)

“I think it speaks to how we all should be/are grateful for what fills our life – the people, places and things that we choose to include and things that we don’t choose necessarily, but are a part of our life regardless. I love the simplicity of the works and the complexity of the statement! “ @katie.h.yyc (Instagram)

“My husband and I have made a beautiful family, he was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and is not curable. Every day, hour, minute and second that I get to spend with him I am truly grateful for. He is young, we had a life of plans and dreams…. We now live in a now not in the future and love each other every day as it if were our last days together. He will not be here forever, this disease will take my love away, but I am so grateful that I am able to be off work and spend every minute with him until this time comes!” - @jessissmith08 (Instagram)

“I think the statement itself says it all. If I am able to stop, be mindful and take the time (even for a moment) to look around – at the good, the bad, the exciting, the challenging, the beautiful and the ugly- if we can be grateful for it ALL – Life will forever be changed. “ - @designsndoodles (Instagram)

“This is exactly how I live! It makes you as grateful for the friend you run into, nabbing the last jar of your fav PB… finding the blessings in the little moments is harder, but also more meaningful as I work towards a life of gratitude and positivity.” - @kimberkeith (Instagram)

“I am grateful for all the lessons life has given me. Sometimes things are hard but once you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it makes everything worth it.” -@petitefoodie (Instagram)

“I think its just being in the moment. We are literally surrounded by life and wonder and items, its just making the mindset to open your heart and feel the gratitude of it all.” @officialavablake (Instagram)

“Living in the moment. Right here, right now. Just bought two of your bracelets at @outsidetheshape!” - @coffeegal57

“I am grateful for waking up every day, and knowing that if the past day was not so good...that this new day is a blessing! Oh yah, I am grateful for The Canadian Brewhouse in Mahogany, too!” – Laurie B (Facebook)

“I feel it means... we look at the things we are grateful for, but most don’t realize it... like our kids, spouse, home, food on the table etc. Sometimes those things are sooo easily taken for granted.” – Vicki C (Facebook)

“I think it means it is easy to get all caught up in the everyday. To be tired from the kids waking you up early, to getting behind in traffic, to your kid spilling a drink on the carpet when you are 10 minutes late to leave. And then you see something on the news or get a call that shakes you back to the now and completely reminds you of all the things you are grateful for. I get to hug my kids when that mom on the news has just lost hers to a sudden accident. I get to sit in traffic, while others are struggling to find transportation to work or to get groceries. And I have a home filled with things for no other reason then things just worked out. So, yes sometimes it takes a whole day to find what I am grateful for. But every night when I kiss my kids goodnight and say I get to say I love them, I am reminded. ” Carrie-Lynn S (Facebook)

“I am grateful for what my kids have taught me. To create patience (when there’s noooo patience left)... To let go of adulthood and be silly... Laugh (really hard) at fart jokes... Hug others like you mean it... Use our little kid imaginations to find creativity in my business... the list is endless.” -Amanda P (Facebook)

“To me it means that the things we are "looking" to be grateful for are often right in front of us while we are looking. Look around you and that's when gratitude needs to start.” – Tanya B (Facebook)

“It means that most of us do not appreciate what is right in front of our eyes. We walk through life in a hurry and don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses and truly values what a gift life is. Every single day holds so much beauty and things to be grateful for. We need to learn to slow down for a minute and take a deep breath and open our eyes to what is before us.” – Julie R (Facebook)

“I think it means no matter where we are, we can find something to be grateful for. Driving on the road "I'm so grateful I have a car." "Look at the beautiful scenery we are passing." "I'm stuck in traffic, but I can blast my music and be grateful for a mini dance break."” -Lindy RJ (Facebook)

“Life is generally full of complications and things that make it more difficult, however the one thing we have control over is the perspective we carry with us to turn a challenge into a success, a negative encounter with another person into learning experience and window into humanity, and a life test into something to be grateful for, realizing that everything happens with intent and nothing happens by mistake.” – Gregory J (Facebook)

“It's a constant practice I think everyone could improve on, including myself! It's so easy to complain and see the bad but there is good in every single day if you choose to focus on that!” – Jenna D (Facebook)

“Every morning I wake up and am grateful to have my breath....for this is what gets me out of bed to experience the newness of another day to experience the many blessings surrounding me. I am grateful for every encounter I have each and every minute of every day.” – Nicole A

“To have an attitude of gratefulness no matter the circumstances. I find it really important. Otherwise I just see the negative. This way I'm always looking for the positive and finding joy in it.” – Hannah P (Facebook)

“If we feel grateful for every moment we bring peace & contentment to ourselves & act in a loving manner to others. There is no room for negative thoughts just love. I am grateful for all things in my life for they are essential for my growth along life’s journey.” – Cheryl R

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