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A new beginning.

Are you procrastinating at making a big, game-changing decision? Are you on the fence about going left or right on your life’s journey? Three years ago, I was there too. This is my story of how I didn’t chase my wild dream… what happened when I played it safe… and how the Universe shoved me into the most unexpected, beautiful place. I’ve been reflecting a lot about how Drops of Gratitude came to exist lately. I don’t know if it’s because of our incredible growth, the fact that we’re already three years in, or because I have so much gratitude for the state of my life these days. First off, if you’ve been to one of our workshops, you may know a bit of my story. I worked in the same space for over 10 years. The money was great, but the job itself was not fulfilling at all. Most times (for me personally), it felt yucky. I hired a coach to help me grow and push through some barriers in March of 2016. She also helped me start this company. 10 months after DG got off the ground I was laid off. I was the only employee to be let go... it smashed my ego to the ground. I felt like I was cracked wide open. Now I realize, it was my greatest blessing – but at the time, man, it hurt. I remember telling Erin (my mentor) about my lay-off. She was so respectful in her response yet I could tell she was excited for me. I was terrified and sick to my stomach. Did I mention my husband quit his job the day before this happened? I had to decide, literally overnight, if I was going to turn my dream job into my full-time gig or if I was going to blow the dust off my ol’ resume. The Universe is a beautiful thing. The same week I got laid off I made some wonderful business choices and we didn’t skip a beat financially. I’ve been successfully running Drops of Gratitude full-time ever since. What has me pondering life lately is this – I didn’t get the choice to be courageous in the pursuit of my dreams. I didn’t get to take a risk and quit my job. Looking back, I really wish I had. I wish I got to make the decision for myself. How empowering would that have felt? I’m a firm believer that life plays out exactly as it’s supposed to, yet, I just wish I had trusted myself more back then and walked away from a job that didn’t fulfill me. I get asked for advice a lot in my entrepreneurial community and I’m always on board with people leaving their comfy jobs to live their dream full-time. I get so excited for them. So far zero people have fell flat on their face. They always soar and it’s so inspiring to see. Even though I didn’t get to choose when I got to start over, I still trust that the Universe was listening and maybe just decided that I was ready after all (even though I didn’t know it) . I am so grateful for that season of life. Growth is crazy hard; it hurts often and sometimes leaves me feeling isolated, lost and exhausted but then I get these opportunities to take a step back and really look at the work we’ve done to build this company. And MAN, it’s been worth it. The rewarding parts far outweigh the struggles. I might not have been the decision-maker on when I started this journey. I might have been pushed a little to make the crazy leap before I was ready. But I will say, I am so grateful for every single circumstance that has led me to this point in my life and my business. These days I get to choose to do the hard things every day, and, to work for myself. To decide in every moment that my life is my own and I no longer wait too long before making a move on the direction of my life. I read a quote recently and it speaks right to my heart – “Bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open, because the world needs you open.” -Rebecca Campbell Living my life wide open feels vulnerable and uncomfortable at times but the amount of growth that shares this space is limitless. I may not know from experience what it’s like to choose to walk away, but I do know what it’s like to be put into a situation where you have to start over. Burn the boat. Never look back. When you are so focused on what’s in front of you, you will never be disappointed and it will always be worth it. If, right now, you’re sitting high up on that fence – I encourage you to do the hard thing. That you take the risk. That you jump further than you ever have and that you don’t wait to live your dream life. You are so deserving of everything you desire. You just need to decide to let go of what no longer serves you. 

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