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Something stronger than Gratitude...

Gratitude is our company’s guiding force. It’s the backbone of everything we do. We are helping the world go one step further – helping you put Gratitude Into Action.

While we strongly believe that using gratitude in your personal life can profoundly alter it for the better, we also acknowledge and respect that gratitude may look different to everyone. It is challenging to help a person in suffering to dramatically switch on a “Positive Vibes Only” practice. Trying to find gratitude in your darkest days might be so difficult for you that the exercise alone spirals you even further down. We understand that events in your life may leave you never feeling whole again. We honour the courage it takes people to keeping trucking through life, no matter how hard it may seem. So cheers to living REAL vibes only; you’re doing an amazing job.

So, let’s start small. One drop at a time.

We felt the need to spread the happy gratitude feels in a different way. One thing has been backed by more science than even gratitude – and that’s the power of community.

It’s the people that we surround ourselves with. It’s the strangers that impact our day for the better. It’s the people you see making a difference in this world. It’s the sense of community that truly can lift us up. Most people don’t have to look very far to find someone that has been a blessing in their life. No matter what they are going through, and especially in their darkest days, those people are there.

Our society needs to acknowledge these incredible people for the difference they’re making. Shower them with love and recognize that they are appreciated. We truly feel that by doing so, a ripple will start and that sense of community we all so desperately crave will grow and become even more magical.

We are all so much stronger than we could ever be apart. Let’s honour that.

Keep writing those personal gratitude lists, they are shifting your life, we promise. But, let’s take it one step further and actually tell these beautiful humans that they matter so deeply to us.

Tell us who you are grateful for. We are giving away a bracelet once a month to one amazing soul but more importantly, we are embracing the power of the people who make our life brighter.

Share a drop. Start a ripple. Create a movement. #DGgratituderipple

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