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Level up on Gratitude.

Inspiration culture is such a real thing right now. Everywhere you look, whether it’s Instagram, billboards or magazines, you see it.

Maybe you are totally into it and your Pinterest account looks like a motivational speaker puked all their thoughts into tiny little squares. I know, I’ve sure been sucked into the inspirational Instagram hole a time or two.

Whether you’re into this lifestyle or not, the truth is – people who are constantly working on themselves, growing and actually dealing with their shit are far more likely to be happier, more abundant and yes - even healthier. But here’s the thing, unless you’re willing to take those high-vibe, one liner quotes and DO or CHANGE something… nothing will happen. No matter how much it “kicks you in the feels”. There is a GIGANTIC difference in reading something that makes you feel good and reading it, getting off your feet and making your badassery a thing.

Now, I’m no expert. I used to be one of those people who would build an awesome vision board every January only to find it under my bed the following year. And while I have experienced some major growth in my life, none of it came from gracefully deciding things needed to change. All of my amazing growth experiences have happened because life picked me up, chewed me up and spit me out… several times. Meaning, all my growth came from hardship. Being tested to do better – BE BETTER – this is where my growth came from and today I am grateful for it.

I am also happy to report that after experiencing what it feels like to level up, I can now do the things necessary to keep growing without getting sucker punched first. For me, when I finally started to see the silver lining in situations that, at the time, felt like “the worst thing ever” I actually had an immense amount of gratitude.

You can change by being grateful where you currently are. There is always something that we can work on to level up whether it’s our finances, health, the way we communicate and love those around us, or our future… We all have those “things” that always seem just a touch (or an ocean) out of reach.

I’ve been teaching positive psychology and gratitude for over three years and I have witnessed some amazing things, heard incredible stories and helped people see the light at the end of some very difficult tunnels. What I’ve come to realize is that most of us can pretty easily access that feeling of gratitude for something in their life. Even in our darkest of days most of us can still find someone/something they truly appreciate.

For a long time my gratitude lists were vague and often I wrote them out without much thought. I didn’t notice massive shifts in my life until I changed the way I harnessed Gratitude.

It isn’t enough to just list 10 things you’re grateful for. The kicker to levelling up the benefits of gratitude is found in the details.

Here, try this:

1- List 10 things you are grateful for using only a few words for each line

2- Now pick one of those things and close your eyes and continue to think of the gratitude you feel. (i.e. ‘I am grateful for my husband’ to ‘I am so grateful to be married to such a thoughtful, hardworking guy. I loved that he offered to take the kids so that I could get a nap in yesterday. He knew I was struggling and without hesitation he was there to help me out. He is always thinking of other people, especially his family. He is such a positive light in my world and his presence makes everything better. I am so lucky that I get to do life with him’.)

Which activity do you think would make more of a shift in your actual state? FEELING gratitude and hanging out in that space for a couple minutes surely will have such a deeper impact on your emotions.

Try this for a couple different things on your list. Turn your couple words into a small paragraph. Spew love all over your pages. This is truly where the magic happens.

However you choose to practice Gratitude – know this – the very thought of the practice benefits you. Asking yourself “what am I grateful for today” starts to release all of the feel good hormones in your body. You don’t even have to answer the question (seriously, this has been scientifically proven)! List 10 things and you’ve increased even more of those yummy feelings. Hone in on one specific thing and really feel that gratefulness and BAMB, you are going to move mountains with all that goodness, sister.

Gratitude is so cool. It’s so simple. I feel like its spending one dollar and receiving a thousand dollars in return. Spend a little time on the goodness in your life each day. You’ll really start to see the ripple build into amazing giant waves of awesomeness.

Much love,


I would love to hear your stories of gratitude! Please comment below!

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