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4 challenges in 4 weeks. Declutter your home (and mind)!

Have you heard the saying “a cluttered home is a sign of a cluttered mind”?

I definitely believe this to be true. I don’t know about you, but when my living space (whether it’s my kitchen, my office, or my kids’ playroom) is in order… I just feel more focused and calm.

If you haven’t already read part one of this blog series “Learn How to Declutter Your Home (and become more mindful)”, read it now. Everything feels so much easier when we start taking inventory of our lives - that includes controlling who and what takes up space in our lives.

So, let’s get right to it. Try these 4 challenges over the next 4 weeks. Not only will you start to notice a difference in the cleanliness of your home, but you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders - just like I did years ago.


CHALLENGE #1: The 30-Day Decluttering Challenge

Start this fun game TODAY!

Day one of the challenge - Sell, Donate or Dump 1 thing.

Day two of the challenge - Sell, Donate or Dump 2 things.

Day three of the challenge - Sell, Donate or Dump 3 things.

You get it!? It sounds super easy, but by mid-month, you’ll be getting rid of 20+ items per day!

This exercise really helped me in the beginning to shed the excess things that were holding me down. I literally felt lighter after just 1 month!


CHALLENGE/WEEK #2: Declutter 1 space

(Pictured above is the BEFORE of our daughter's play "room" in our basement - she plays right next to the DG office space. Scroll over to see the AFTER!)

Declutter/organizing expert Marie Kondo recommends doing the entire house in different sections (ie. every item of clothing or every single book or every single toy at the same time).

I use a different strategy.

I find doing an entire room or space at one time is the most beneficial because it leaves you with a huge sense of accomplishment and you can begin to enjoy the space immediately. It may also inspire you to move onto the next room!

Also, if you have children in the house going from room to room may be a little easier to tackle.

The cardinal rule with this strategy is to make sure you’re super mindful of when you choose to move something to a different space. Remember: moving clutter around doesn’t get rid of it!

Step 1: Pick your space.

It’s okay if it’s a small space. I find these rooms are easiest to declutter:

  • Pantry

  • Mud room

  • Front closet

  • Bathroom

Step 2: Take a before picture - don’t you dare clean beforehand!

Step 3: Make three piles: SELL. DONATE. DUMP.

Decide where you will try to sell things. I personally try selling almost everything online (through Facebook Buy & Sell pages) before I donate or put any items in the garbage. Cha-chinnnng! Things that don’t sell within the week - donate!

Decide where you will donate things. Don’t leave researching this until the end. (That’s when all that leftover stuff you don’t want will make its way back into your home!) You will want to directly take the donations out of your home when you’re done.

Is it broken? Unfixable? Recycle when you can. Garbage it when you can’t!

Step 4: Process your space

Remove everything from the space you’re working on. This will seem daunting but I promise you it's the easiest way to create a new and more efficient space.

Pick up each item one by one and spend a second thinking… Ask: do I actually need this? Does this make me (or someone in my family) happier or more effective? If you answered ‘nahhh’ - put the item in one of your three piles. Be honest with yourself.

If you pick up the item and you answer with a resounding “YES! I love this. I use it often!” then choose where it fits best in your empty space.

Remember that you can borrow MANY things from family and friends if/when you need it down the road. AND ---- if you move everything from one space to another, you’re not decluttering, you’re moving the mess!

Step 5: Add a final touch

What’s one thing that you could add to your space that would make it just a touch more intentional? Something that when you (or your family) see it, encourages a little drop of gratitude…

When we de-cluttered Mya’s space, we made sure she could display her artistic creations and we hung a small whiteboard with a funny message “NO TWINS ALLOWED” - a gesture to show Mya that amidst the chaos of our home, she still has her own brother-free space.

More examples:

  • A photo of the kids baking/cooking - hung near/in your pantry

  • A plant on your desk - a little touch of life

  • An essential oil diffuser for your clothing or linen closet - every time you open it, you’ll be hit with a pure, wonderful scent!

And a SNEEK PEEK!!! Our latest DG release - our “What are you Grateful For?” sign hung in your entryway. This high-vibe question will uplift anyone who walks through your door!

Step 6: Take an after photo

Share your before and after pics with the world! It’s so exciting - and feels oh-so-gooood. Want to share it with us? We’d love to see it! Tag us on social or shoot me an email.


CHALLENGE/WEEK #3: Get Mindful

Experiment with a guided gratitude meditation one time per day this week.

We use crystals or our gemstone bracelets in our meditation because of their vibrational powers. Each stone has its own unique frequency - supporting your mood for the day. Some stones are said to emit energetic and uplifting vibes, while others reflect a sense of calm and emotional stability.

So what if you don’t have a crystal or gemstone? That’s okay! Try this: write an intention for your day on a page in your journal or piece of paper. Hold it in your hands and follow along.

If you’ve ever been to one of our workshops, you’ve learned this method of meditation. It will help you harness those feel-good vibes we wish to carry throughout the day. It’s also a great way to reset our emotions and experience a powerful sense of calm.


CHALLENGE/WEEK #4: Set an Intention for your Home Life

How do you want to feel at home? Calm? Energized? Zenned out? Creative?

The process of living with less can be a lifelong one. By week #4, you’ve likely made a ton of headway and have learned a LOT about minimalism.

In this last week, use a journal to capture how you want to feel while at home. Be very descriptive. Close your eyes and describe what you see. Write the words that come to mind.

Get clear on an intention. Your space can help you become who you want to be. The vibe you put forward to this world.

NOW… in week #4, do one small thing that will help you move closer to that intention. It might be printing 1 family picture for your wall. Or it might be dusting off your old paint set and painting a beautiful landscape. Perhaps it’s placing your favourite books on display, rather than in the box under the stairs.


We want to be alongside you on this journey! There’s nothing that excites me more than helping people learn to “live on purpose”.

So, share your story with us on social!

Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know how you're progressing through your 4-week decluttering challenge!

Much Love,



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