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Destined for bigger things? Lean into your heart.

It has been my dream for maannnyyy years to write a journal. Recently, I got to cross that off my bucket list.

If you’re reading this, you likely have BIG goals and dreams, too. And I know that you’re moving closer to achieving them in 2021.

By now, you may have read our recent blogs on My Grateful Five (the journal I created) explaining the science behind gratitude and the dramatic impact our 5 senses can have on our emotions, our ability to learn and store memory, even controlling our hormones!

Haven’t read them? Check out:

In today’s blog, I want to share WHY I created it, where the passion came from, and a few of the tactics that I used to bring this lofty goal of mine to reality.

Body, Mind & Spirit Connection

Before we had kiddos, I went to school for holistic nutrition. Of course, I learned about vitamins, proteins, amino acids, gluten intolerance… ALL THE THINGS! But, what really hit home for me was the connection between our body, mind, and spirit.

Holistic nutrition - and integrative health practices - are all founded by the notion of interconnectedness. We cannot reach true health or a state of flow until the body, mind, and spirit are addressed as a whole.

I really leaned into this insight. It was the basis for Drops of Gratitude. Yet, DG didn’t come to fruition for several years. There was always that little voice that said “just do it - create it”, but I didn’t listen for quite some time.

Miss Mya was only a year old here!

Passion for the power of plants and nature

When my daughter, Mya, was born, I dove deep into the world of pure essential oils. Learning about our bodies’ physiological and emotional responses to oils was fascinating to me. I became a rep for an essential oils company and began my journey into aromatherapy.

I experienced first hand the power of plants when Mya and I developed thrush (a common infection that babies get in their mouth that can be passed back and forth through breast milk). A friend of mine gave me Tea Tree oil (also known as Melaleuca) and told me to put it on the bottoms of her feet. Within a few days, I noticed a reduced amount of white spots in her mouth and within a week it was gone.

I was fascinated and started to learn more. To this day essential oils are the first line of defense in our home. They are the first thing I reach for when things feel off - and that includes our mental health. I notice an immense difference in my mood when I am diffusing oils throughout the day. It has become part of our daily routine and we definitely notice the days we don’t include oils. We love citrus in the kitchen, calming oils in our bedrooms, and we all like to switch it up when we diffuse our aromatherapy bracelets.

The olfactory response (a scientific name for our response to smell) truly felt like magic. I became even more curious about how our other four senses (see, hear, taste, and touch) were impacting us at a cellular level.

Having the courage to start

This picture? It was our first ever post on Facebook (April 7, 2016). It was our ‘Hello!’ to the world.

Besides learning how to take better product pictures, many things about our first post still ring true today.

  • Essential oils and the power of plants remain at the core of our business

  • The rose quartz gemstone pictured gives the vibe of LOVE and today our entire mission is about spreading love, joy, and gratitude

Some of you may already know the story, but I finally was determined to launch Drops of Gratitude after my husband Terry and I both found ourselves jobless in a span of two days.

(You can hear the whole story about ‘our turning point’ on The Glow Getter Podcast with Ashley Meadahl.)

Terry was incredibly supportive of my goal to teach others what I had become so passionate about: the health of our mind, body, and spirit… and so DG was born.

The ups and downs of a start-up is an ENTIRELY different book. For those of you who own businesses, you know what I’m talking about. For those who aspire to start or grow your side hustle - you will need a strong desire in your heart, patience, and determination.

Finding ways to achieve bigger dreams

One of the biggest business lessons I’ve learned along the way is - you need to lean into your heart AND lean upon others. You don’t check off bucket list items acting all by yourself.

Right now, you have experts in your circle of family, friends, and colleagues.

Allow them to help you.

Whether that’s:

  • letting your mom make you dinners to throw in the freezer (THANKS MOM!)

  • asking a friend to brainstorm your ‘next big idea’

  • having a family member take your kiddos for a night so you can SLEEEEP

  • telling your partner - “I’m grateful for your trust in me”

  • truly listening to advice given by mentors, coaches, and those more experienced than you

Whatever you do - don’t stop. Hit a wall? Let yourself cry for JUST ONE NIGHT and then keep going. Thanks, Erin Skye Kelly for the amazing advice. It’s come in handy more than once.


Helping you live a life filled with intention is our jam.

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