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How do you prioritize your life?

Drops of Gratitude gemstone aromatherapy bracelets are each made with a unique intention (or theme) in mind. The gemstones used in each bracelet are said to support and give energy to certain emotions. Year to date, can you take a guess what some of our best sellers have been?

“I am Still” (an adult DIY kit)

What does this have to do with prioritizing life?

We see a theme in some of our most popular pieces (besides all having beautiful gemstones). There’s no doubt it’s been a crazy year, and we see that many of us are trying to combat feelings of stress, overwhelm, and instability. (DUH!)

What are your non-negotiables?

Our tribe is full of goal-getters. Many of us are business owners and side-hustlers. And ALL of us want to elevate our state. We have one more thing in common - we all are given exactly 1,440 minutes in each day.

Whether it’s going from anxious to calm; frazzled to in control; or confident to CRUSHIN’ it with total badassery… Take a moment and determine how you want your life to feel. Find the intention that speaks to you today.

Now, what are three things that will help you get there?

These three things MUST be actions you can 100% commit to. Things you WILL NOT FAIL to do every day - no matter what. So, keep them simple.

Once your non-negotiables are clear and you do them consistently each day, you’ll notice more feelings of accomplishment. Repeatedly completing these actions will help you move closer to living your best life, and less like you’re always putting out fires - like answering emails, publishing Instagram posts, making healthy lunches for the kids, etc.

To give you some ideas, my non-negotiables are:

  • I intentionally time block the hours I dedicate to working and I never work on my phone with my kiddos present.

  • I drink so. much. water. If I don’t, I notice a huge depletion of energy.

  • I tidy up each space I use immediately so that I am not left with a huge mess at the end of each day.

How will “Classes of Experiences” help me live my best life?

On the Mark Groves podcast, Erin Skye Kelly (a friend, rockstar human, and mentor) introduces the idea of “Classes of Experience”.

Essentially, she explains that any experience or action can be categorized into four areas.

Class 4 experiences

Things that do NOT feel good and are NOT good for me

  • abuse of drugs or alcohol

  • overexercise, etc.

Class 3 experiences

Things that feel good in the moment but are NOT good for me

  • drinking a box of wine before bed

  • binge watching Netflix from 10-2 AM

Class 2 experiences

Things that do NOT feel good but are good for me

  • spin class

  • having hard conversations with your partner

  • reading a book

  • for some - eating a salad or meditation

Class 1 experiences

Things that feel good AND are good for me

  • laughing with friends

  • for those who run - finishing a race

Writing out our 3 and 4 experiences helps us realize what we may need to avoid or stop doing in order to bust past our blockages.

In order to live our best lives…?

We need to turn more Class 2 experiences into Class 1 experiences. Short and sweet - we need to do more hard things. We need to do the hard stuff that’s good for us until we absolutely love doing them.


Erin has created a template so you can easily journal your Classes of Experience. Try this exercise and start prioritizing the things (your non-negotiables) that will really make a positive shift in your life!


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