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Krystaline products are created utilizing the principles of sacred geometry and made up of brass rod. The brass rod is then plated with different precious metals through a process called "orgone layering" with the last layer being 24 karat gold.

These rings are used for neutralizing energy, frequency of vibrations on the body or in spaces.


The Divinity Ring is considered a vortex creatorand balances out the energies of magnetic, electric, magneto-electric and resonance. Each of us is typically stronger in one field and to achieve balance, one must learn to master the skills of each energetic force. It assists the integration of spiritual energies into our conscious awareness and our physical being. The symbol is all encompassing; therefore it provides a framework to move us into a sense of wholeness, unity and balance within ourselves and our world.


How to use:

Place the Divinity Ring in your bath water, under your pillow or just sit with it a few inches away from your chest, focus on your breathing and imagine all the heaviness leaving your body and mind. 

Divinity Ring (4'') - 24 karat gold plated

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