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Krystaline products are created utilizing the principles of sacred geometry and made up of brass rod. The brass rod is then plated with different precious metals through a process called "orgone layering" with the last layer being 24 karat gold.

These rings are used for neutralizing energy, frequency of vibrations on the body or in spaces.


In quantum physics it is understood that every form, thought and encounter emanates specific energies. Some of these energies are therapeutic and some cause disharmony. The Neutralization Ring will pull out non harmonious energies making them neutralized by simply placing them in the centre of the ring for at least 3 seconds.


How to use:

To clear any negative energies, simply place the object in the ring. Sweep the auric field or place the ring on the local area of pain. This energetic instrument will help extract and neutralize non-harmonious energies.

Neutralization Ring (4'') - 24 karat gold plated

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