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Krystaline products are created utilizing the principles of sacred geometry and made up of brass rod. The brass rod is then plated with different precious metals through a process called "orgone layering" with the last layer being 24 karat gold.

These rings are used for neutralizing energy, frequency of vibrations on the body or in spaces.


The Sun Ring is a broadcaster and negative ion generator that releases a positive, uplifting charge. Items placed in the center of the Sun Ring such as gemstones, oils, flower essences, intentions (written on a piece of paper) will be energetically broadcasted into your surroundings.


How to use:

1. Hang the Sun Ring on a primary wall in the home to cast its energy into the auric field.




2. The Sun Ring is a broadcaster. Place a crystal, flowers, essential oil or written intention to manifest on a piece of paper and have the ring broadcast that energy into the space.

Sun Ring (4'') - 24 karat gold plated

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