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Best Healing Crystals for Stress & Anxious Feelings

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Crystals have a natural ability to cleanse the mind of chaotic thoughts. They are a perfect tool to help alleviate anxiousness and feelings of stress - for adults, kiddos, and even to cleanse your home.


Different types of crystals emit unique vibration frequencies. How?

They’re made up of a precise geometric pattern of molecules. Each crystal has its own unique molecule pattern, and each pattern emits a different vibration.

That vibration (or frequency) - is ENERGY!

If science tells us that everything around us is made up of energy (even the blank, airy space), then… the vibrational frequencies emitted by crystals can make a profound difference in the energy around us!

Check out this article on “Scientific American - ‘The Hippies Were Right… It’s All About Vibration.” It’s hilarious (and well, we have a little modern-day hippy in us - so we like the title!).


Black Agate Merkaba - Promote feelings of calm with great strength

Clear Quartz Merkaba - Protective against negativity, amplifies energy

Black Palm Stone - Highly protective and promotes feelings of calm

Selenite Palm Stone - Induces clarity, powerful energy to calm erratic emotions

Agate Palm Stone - Grounding, stabilizing and harmonizing

Carnelian Palm Stone - Promotes creativity, stabilizing and calming

WHITE HOWLITE is a calming stone that is said to teach patience & help eliminate anger. It can also assist in allowing your body to rest & settle a busy mind.

SMOKY QUARTZ is an excellent stone for elevating moods while decreasing feelings of anxiety. A stone of serenity, smoky quartz is the perfect companion when needing to take a step back & breathe.

BLACK PICTURE JASPER instills faith in ourselves & the world around us. It is the perfect stone when wanting to reduce fear & feelings of anxiousness.

LEPIDOLITE is a stone of positivity. It attracts joy & assists in feelings of lightness & hope.

Create an amazing experience with your kiddo! DIY gemstone bracelet kits are a great way to connect with your child while discussing their feelings. As well, showing them how to use aromatherapy as a tool to help manage emotions.


There are many ways you can use crystals and gemstones in your daily life. Elevate the energy around you, and start reducing stressful vibes - check out our online store or shop at Southcentre Mall in Calgary for:

Disclaimer: Essential Oils and Crystal Healing should not be used as a substitute for any medical or psychological treatment recommended by doctors.


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